Partner Associations

Analysis of Discourse in Latin America
ADAL is a scientific association that focuses on the analysis of discourse in Latin America. It disseminates information on this topic and it carries out joint projects such as publications and scientific events. ADAL is interested in political discourse at large, including media discourse and the various forms of political and public communication.

Argentinian Rhetoric Association
The Argentinian Rhetoric Association,, was founded in Buenos Aires in March 2010 with the objectives of contributing to academic exchange of Argentinian specialists in the various branches of Rhetoric, to promote the construction of new knowledge through support of research in this area and to establish links with the international scientific community. It publishes the electronic journal Rétor, of biennial periodicity: The Argentinian Rhetoric Association is part of the Latin American Rhetoric Association,, also established in Buenos Aires in March 2010.

Latin American Association of Discourse Studies
The Asociación Latinoamericana de Estudios del Discurso (Latin American Association of Discourse Studies – ALED – was founded in Caracas, Venezuela, on the occasion of the First Latin American Conference (Primer Coloquio Latinoamericano), held in that city in February 1995. The objectives of the association are to support the scientific development of discourse studies in Latin America, to promote the circulation of knowledge to create a dialogue between the investigations on discourse, and facilitate a relationship between Research Centres to encourage Latin American cooperation through exchanges between professionals. Since 2001, the association publishes the Revista Latino-americana de Estudos do Discurso (Journal of Latin American Discourse Studies –, created to disseminate research and reflections by members and friends of ALED.